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Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing in Argentina

What waters do you fish?

We fish all the famous rivers, spring creeks, bocas and lakes, many with private access. We also fish some of Patagonia's best kept secret waters. To name a few places that you may recognize: Alumine, Chimenhuin, Collon Cura, Caleufu, Quillen, Arroyo Pescado, Malalco, Corcovado, Futaleufu, Lago Tres, Rio Pico, Limay and many more. The real advantage that we offer is that you get a customized itinerary with a lot of variety. See this page for more river information.

Do you offer hunting as well as fishing?

In an area over 60,000 acres where red stag freely range we offer hunting on an important estancia in the Quillen River area near the Andes. The season runs from the second week of March through the end of April. Only three hunters in the field at one time provides a quality hunt with good opportunities for a trophy. Puma and wild boar hunting are also available.

Is the fishing as good as advertised?

Andes Drifters personalizes your fishing itinerary to the kind of fishing you enjoy. You can fish big rivers and small, wading or floating, spring creeks, bocas and lakes for browns, rainbows and brook trout. The waters do not get the heavy pounding that our western rivers get. Dry fly or wet, nymphs, attractors, terrestials and streamer fishing are all available. The waters hold many fish per mile including trophies. Our philosophy is to tailor the trip to the skill level of the anglers to maximize the experience. Most of our clients become repeat customers because of the quality of the fishing and, more importantly, the overall experience of the trip.

What are realistic expectations?

As many of you know, especially those that have fished different waters, trout fishing over an entire season has many variables that contribute to the ease or difficulty of the fishing. Whether you go to Montana, NZ, Patagonia .........etc trout fishing will have high and low water, weather changes and periods of non-active feeding that can create difficult fishing. Large fish over 20 inches are not easy anywhere in the world that I have fished. We find many outfitters market unrealistic catch rates and size. We offer a great fishing experience that we tailor to the skill level of the fisherman to give the client the best opportunities in a beautiful setting with very qualified guides.

What size fish can I look forward to?

Many of our clients consider 18-20 inch fish caught anywhere in the world a very good fish and over 20 inches, memorable. Our waters have many fish in these categories and some much larger. The average size of the fish varies greatly depending on the waters that you fish. Let me give you two examples. The Chimenhuin average is 16 " and the Queni 18 -23". Fall fishing offers more opportunity for big fish as the fish are migrating up the rivers getting ready for spawning which occurs after the season closes.

When you read about ' trophy fishing ' in Argentina what should the angler understand?

Most of the articles that use the words ' trophy fishing' refer to sea run trout in Tierra del Fuego. We do not offer sea run fishing. However in most of the waters we fish there are fish over four pounds that provide the angler a chance to catch a ' trip fish ' or in some cases a fish of a lifetime!

For the anglers that want a shot at really big fish we have a trip that target the true trophy. Our Limay Medio trip, although not for all anglers, is called the "River of Monsters" where 6 pound fish are great fish but are not considered trophies. This river annually produces 10 pound fish or better. These are not sea runs.Please ask for the CD that details this experience.

What equipment do I need to take?

We have an extensive checklist that we provide clients for planning and packing. A short answer is that one would prepare and pack exactly like you would for a fishing trip, vacation or adventure trip to Montana.

Is wading difficult?

Many of the rivers are very gentle, easy wading. But in some rivers a wading staff is recommended.

Are overnight float trips available?

Yes, we offer overnight float trips most of which are at the same rate. We do have a few unique trips that require a small surcharge due to the logistics involved.

What are the activities for non-fishing or non-hunting guests and families?

Hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, canoeing, biking and horseback riding are just a few of the action activities. Touring the Patagonian countryside with highlights such as the Lanin Volcano provide half-day or full-day excursions. Shopping, artisans and crafts, wine tastings, traditional Patagonian BBQ (asado), cooking classes, art, weaving, local native culture...the list goes on. Many of our clients bring family members and guests because there is so much for everyone to do.

What does the term "all inclusive" price really mean?

Our price includes local airport transfers, fishing transportation, guide service, fishing license, all meals including wine, lodging or overnight camping float trips. For the non-fishing guest we include personalized activities and a personal tour guide.

What are additional items?

Air fare from the US, expenses in Buenos Aires, laundry, personal expenditures, gratuities, and alcohol other than beer and wine are not included.

How do I handle tipping?

From guides to wait staff to drivers, etc, service across Argentina is significantly at a higher level than in many places in the states. In the states, tipping is expected, in Argentina it is appreciated as recognition for a job well done! A good guideline starts at 10%

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